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The mission of BSSM is to equip and deploy followers of Jesus Christ to passionately pursue transformation in their God-given spheres of influence. A BSSM Third Year Internship provides opportunities for each Second Year graduate to demonstrate the kingdom of Heaven in an environment related to his or her unique destiny.

Our program connects graduates with mentors in a specific field, from government to business, media, education, and beyond. An intern provides service valuable to the mentor and the organization the mentor serves or oversees. In return, every mentor provides opportunity, experience, and anointing to expedite the intern’s journey into his or her calling.

Applicants for Third Year must have graduated from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry’s First and Second Year programs in Redding, CA.

Please read before applying: Guidelines & Expectations for Students


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BSSM Third Year seeks to connect our Second Year graduates with internship opportunities around the world in various realms of influence. The opportunities we hope to provide must be marked by excellence, whereby a student will be trained and equipped in an area where a mentor has experienced personal success. The intern’s commitment is 9 months (September to May), during which time they will volunteer 15-20 hours each week for their mentor. In turn, the mentor’s responsibility and privilege is to pastor and equip the intern for kingdom expansion in a specific sphere or spheres of influence.

Please note that all intern positions are filled only after mentors are approved and according to the demand and interest of available interns.

Mentor-Intern Relationship and Standards of Practice

In the mentor-intern relationship, it is the mentor's purpose to advance the experience, opportunity, and anointing of each of their respective interns.

  • Experience: The practice of skills, gifts, and leadership.
  • Opportunity: Access to you, and access to your world.
  • Anointing: Covering under your anointing and growth in the intern’s anointing.

Deployment mentors are required to abide by the following standards with regards to each intern:

  • Monthly one-on-one meetings focusing on personal, spiritual, and emotional development.
  • Training and mentoring in equal proportion to the intern’s time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Opportunities that empower the intern to:
    • be activated in their key areas of desired growth.
    • practice skills relevant to the internship.
Please read before applying: Guidelines for Mentors